Wiedoeft Rosin – Thoughts After 2 Months

After using Weidoeft Rosin for two months here are my thoughts:


It does not flake or chip off when applying it to the bow.

I like the silicone rubber case. It’s very easy to pull a side of it down.

The rosin does not get ‘glassy’ or slick on the bow – even after the bow sits for a while. You can play the next and hair still has a good grip on the string.

I found the best use is to put on just two swipes – maybe three if I’m doing E and A string excerpts – , bow each string, and then wipe off the strings. Then the amount of rosin on the bow feels perfect. Or as I’m discovering, just don’t press very hard when applying the rosin.

It’s an interesting formula! Very soft but in a different way than Pops. It’s almost like it has some sort of fiber in it rather than a higher wax content. This isn’t a good or bad thing. Just is.

It’s a bit expensive at $28 USD but rosin always last quite a while and the cover fits nicely to keep it from drying out.


** 6/18/2018 Update – I like this more as an orchestra rosin than a solo rosin. If I use it for solos I use one swipe of Wiedoft and then usually a little Pirastro Evah rosin or a swipe of Nyman to smooth it out but retain Wiedoeft’s impressive grip.


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