Wiedoeft Rosin – Thoughts After 2 Years

It’s now been a couple of years since I started using Wiedoeft Rosin. And over that time it has become my favorite and my go-to rosin. It’s consistent, easy to apply, and lasts – both on the bow and the rosin itself. I use it for everything – orchestral and solo although these days I don’t do much orchestral playing. I’m comfortable using it by itself or sometimes with Pirastro Oliv-Evah – a very nice and smooth combo of rosins to have on the bow.

I still have my original rosin cake that I bought bought it was at the point where the tell-tale signs of rosin use with its valleys and peaks was just too annoying. So I bought a new one. So I guess I’m, a convert. I again ordered from String Emporium as I needed a new string (Pirastro Flat-Chromesteel A string) and their prices are great they ship quickly. The arrived and looked just like the first one – a good sign. When the new one arrived my had instinctively reached for the old rosin to throw it away. “WAIT!” my bass brain intervened. There’s still rosin, the silicone case is in perfect shape, and you could give it to a student.

This was the perfect opportunity for an experiment! (Insert evil villain grin here). Wiedoeft is soft. Rosin melts. Soft rosin melts even easier. It’s summer and the inside of my car has to be 120F. 2+2+2+2 is an easy equation. More evil bass grinning.

Many of us have revived rosins before and lots of bass players have left rosin in cars and then find beautiful yet horrible caramel rosin mess.

I placed the rosin in its silicone case and cover and put it on a rubber floor mat. I left it in there for 8 – 10 hours on a hot summer day in late June.

#@!^ $#!! It worked!

I can’t believe how excited I got. Still a bass nerd after all these years.
The left corners were high mountains.

I brought it inside, eagerly grabbed my bow, and applied it. It was a shade or two darker but still playing great. Not as nice as the brand cake but still very good. Had I tried this first I’m not sure I would have bought the new one. Or maybe I would have since a needed a string anyways.

1990 – 1993 Pop’s
1993 – 2018 Carlsson or Nyman
2018 – Wiedoeft

After Two Months

After using Weidoeft Rosin for two months here are my thoughts:

It does not flake or chip off when applying it to the bow.

I like the silicone rubber case. It’s very easy to pull a side of it down.

The rosin does not get ‘glassy’ or slick on the bow – even after the bow sits for a while. You can play the next and hair still has a good grip on the string.

I found the best use is to put on just two swipes – maybe three if I’m doing E and A string excerpts – , bow each string, and then wipe off the strings. Then the amount of rosin on the bow feels perfect. Or as I’m discovering, just don’t press very hard when applying the rosin.

It’s an interesting formula! Very soft but in a different way than Pops. It’s almost like it has some sort of fiber in it rather than a higher wax content. This isn’t a good or bad thing. Just is.

It’s a bit expensive at $28 USD but rosin always last quite a while and the cover fits nicely to keep it from drying out.

** 6/18/2018 Update – I like this more as an orchestra rosin than a solo rosin. If I use it for solos I use one swipe of Wiedoft and then usually a little Pirastro Evah rosin or a swipe of Nyman to smooth it out but retain Wiedoeft’s impressive grip.

First Impressions from May 2018

I’m always a bit skeptical of new bass rosins. I always have my favorite Nyman on hand  (Carlsson is great as well) as well as some Pops and some cello rosin like Pirasto Evah / Oliv to use for solo work. Rosin is a tricky item to review. I feel every new rosin feels great at first because it’s new and novel.


Wiedoeft is very soft. I put my usual 3 swipes on and it was way to much. After playing a bit and wiping the excess ( a lot! ) off the strings it played and sounded great. Higher notes didn’t have the usual sandy gritty sound and the lower notes popped right out. This is after playing a bit and wiping off the strings a few times – but it still had plenty of bite.

Use it sparingly and give it some playing before judging. Spiccato become a bit easier and it has an almost woody tone to it. Granted it’s only day one with it but so far I really like it.

The unique silicone package is interesting. I’m curious to see how I’ll like after a while. I’ve always like the simple metal wrapping of Nyman. I never cared for the paper around Pops.

I was playing a Bach cello suite with it and I really like how smooth it sounds in the upper register and with double stops but also how easily it would grab the lower notes. Impressive!

A little pricey at $28 but definitely worth checking out!


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