What are your musical goals for 2010?

Post your 2010 musical goals, resolutions, and thoughts!


  • I’ll post about my 17yo son (and “old” sophomore), since he doesn’t do much blog reading. He began bass in earnest in August 2009, though he had years of piano before that and also is a singer who reads music well.

    He’s done great, made much progress, and is practicing about 1.5 hours a day, but says this is the year he really wants to grow in his playing. He made principal bass in the Akron Youth Philharmonic, but is now saying he might want to major in bass???

    I’m not sure how I feel about that…I keep making suggestions like, “How about pursuing your interests in the sciences and keeping bass for a hobby?” but maybe that’s not what I should do!?

    So…that’s not a goal maybe, but a question from a parent. The thing that haunts me sometimes is that I was a high school music teacher myself for about a dozen years and if he was *someone else’s kids* I wonder if I’d be thinking differently?

  • That’s a dilemma. I remember my parents not wanting me going into music but I HAD to and it worked out. I don’t recommend going into performance – there’s just not a job market. I do have friends that make a living at playing the bass but health insurance and retirement are issues unless you make a symphony or opera (which the odds are slim given the lack of positions and number of applicants).

    But a music ed degree is a great choice – nothing says you can’t play and you can always get a teaching job which (orchestra teaching positions are in high demand).

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