What Are These?

Anyone have an idea what these plastic tubes are for?


  • As a fellow bassist, I am not 100% sure, but I have seen something like them before. Some of the violinists at my school use clear plastic tubes like those to store extra strings in their cases. In some violin/viola cases there is a place for a tube to hold all their spares. It keeps the strings straight and protects them. The ones you pictured look to be about the same size that I recall. That is my best guess.

    How did you obtain the tubes?

  • Best guess:
    1. shipping tubes for violin bows or batons.
    2. boomwhackers.

  • Thanks for the idaes!!! They’re a little big to be the violin case string holders. A little too short to be a violin bow shipping tube. They’re not boomwhackers.

    I feel like a game show host!

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