Video & Lesson Presentation Tips

I’ve been watching YouTube videos lately to improve my bass guitar playing. YouTube can be a great resource but as an open forum one has to spend a lot of time to find the gems.
Guitars and bass guitars are common instrumental endeavors for people — as opposed to orchestral instruments where training is needed right from the start. Most people cook but few are chefs. Before you get too offended, I did start on bass guitar before moving to double bass. And it worked out well for me. 🙂
So all you YouTube pedagogues, internet academics, and bass guitar gurus, here are frequent issues I see in your debut professorial lectures.
– Umm, like, yeah, so. First sign of nerves, an amateur, or someone who didn’t plan their lesson. Delete these crutches and fillers – they’re wasted space and time.
– Basically. People – stop using the word basically. The entire reason I’m here watching your video is to get the details, not a “…statement [that] summarizes the most important aspects, or gives a roughly accurate account, of a more complex situation”
– Sequence, sequence, sequence! Here you are telling me something and then I get, “Oh wait. So let me backup because basically I forgot step 3 through 6.” Great, thanks. Not only did you not plan your lesson but it’s akin to reading a book with the pages out of order. I’d rather have you read notes than give me directions out of order.
– Speak slower! Many people speak too fast and then repeat themselves since their directions flew by. Repetition can be a very useful tool – if something is worth repeating.
– Do not intone up – or uptalk as LifeHacker calls it –  at the end of a statement. That makes it sound like a question.
These can all be cured by one simple step:
Write down what you are going to say AND practice saying it before you hit the record button. You know who doesn’t need to do that? Teachers that already have done it for years.
Bonus points if you record your video and WATCH IT before you post it. You’ll probably want to re-record it. Good! It will be ten times better.

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