Thoughts on Music Education

Disappointed that your students aren’t going to music school? Perhaps you should be disappointed that they are. What? Did I just say that?

Education is an interesting and delicate phenomenon. Should we promote the often touted ‘well-rounded’ or generalist concept or should we track students early on to become specialists?

Does every student taking math become a mathematician? Of course not, but they are given skills necessary for daily life.

Perhaps that should be our goal – provide necessary life skills rather than requiring students to complete arbitrary scale requirements. It is our goal but it needs to be our default mindset rather than win win win

Your students should be able to extrapolate the discipline and skills required for music to other areas.

We are often focused on training performers and rarely train listeners. Musicians need an audience! We need people to appreciate and attend music events.

We often squeeze the enjoyment of music out them; trying to force a round young mindset into a square old routine. Why did you become a musician? I doubt it was for the love of scales and arpeggios. Why do students quit?

They’re is a glut of musicians. The market is saturated ( although I do believe if you truly want to be a musician, then go for it!!). Then again, in every saturated market there is always room for improvement and a quality product.

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