String Orchestra Holiday Music Available

Holiday Medley 

updated 7/3/2018

This is a simple arrangement for string orchestra of Jolly Old St. Nicholas, Good King Wenceslas and Adeste Fideles (O Come All Ye Faithful).

Only the key of G is used and there are no accidentals. There is an optional advanced first violin part with some third position work to provide a challenge for more advanced players. The standard first violin is the same but an octave lower. The second violin part is almost identical but with some harmony notes. Dotted rhythms and hooked bowings have been using sparingly.

The harmony is generally two part between upper and lower strings. The cello varies slightly from the bass to thicken the harmonies.

Markings have been kept to a minimum to allow for flexibility, interpretation and to get students in the habit of notating their part.

Silent Night

Another simple yet very flexible arrangement to accomodate ensembles with varying abilities as well as the possible time crunch in preparing for a holiday concert.

Every instrument has a standard and advanced part. Any combination – or even just using the standard line – will work.

Be sure to explain the legato hooked bowings. Feel free to transpose any phrases or even just specific measure up or down an octave.

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