Setting Saver from StageTrix Products

From StageTrix website:

“We have seen multiple ways for people to mark the settings on their amplifiers, effects pedals and mixing consoles, but non seemed easy and convenient. Everything now


changes with the introduction of the Setting Saver™. A marker that applies a clean, bright fluorescent green ink to mark your settings. The ink is easily removed by wiping itoff with your finger, and will not leave any

markings when removed (use only on smooth, non-porus surfaces). Donnie Spada (guitar tech for No Doubt, The Offspring, 311) said this about the Setting Saver™: “Easy to read, easy to clean, no more pieces of tape or grease pens”. 

Perfect for amps, pedals, rack equipment, anything with knobs!
No more loosing your settings when you transport your equipment.

Works great on consoles, equalizers, DJ gear, anything with sliders!
Dial in a session, completely change it all, and than go back to the original settings in no time flat.”

My Take:

Upon first glance the Setting Saver seems obvious and perhaps superfluous. But the more I used it the more I liked it and it’s taken a permanent spot in my gig bag.

I had recently taped a small piece of paper on my VT Bass pedal with my settings. But when I changed my settings – or my mind – I was stuck. I don’t remember where I saw the Setting Saver but I ordered one. I figured, at $5.99, why not?

On the first use you need to press down on the tip so that it goes in to the marker and absorbs the ink. After that it was time to try it on the two pedals I had with me – a Tech21 VT Bass and an MXR M87 Bass Compressor.

Although the tip is a little big to completely fit between the dials, I was still able to mark my settings. The color is highly visible and stays marked as long as it’s not in a place where fingers rub against it. The ink comes off easily enough but stays on – especially on the VT pedal that has a slightly textured surfaced. The glossy finish on the MXR though allowed it to wipe off too easily.

Despite being advertised to mark settings on pedals and consoles, there are plenty of other uses for the Setting Saver.

I recently had some custom maple knobs with a dimple marking made for my bass. They are a little difficult to see so I tried the Setting Saver in the dimple. Perfect!

As a music teacher I found many uses for the Setting Saver. It’s a quick way to mark reference point on student bows.

This is a great tool – especially for sound technicians and people using mixing boards. I would like a finer point or a smaller end – it can be difficult to fit between knobs on pedals and other hard to reach spots.

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