Rooster Bass

More custom work from bass tattoo artist, Chris Strough. Photos courtesy of C&D Custom Designs, available on the web through, CA based company, but MD built basses…


  • Is this some kind of Joke?

  • Really? Chris Strough – the same guy who has handwriting like a 5 yr old can paint like this??

  • Chris Strough


    To Charity: My handwritings fine now! Plus a lot of computer cut vinyl and airbrushing helps!

    To Tony: Pete didn’t include the part of my e-mail which stated “I think I probably ruined a perfectly good tiger maple bass”. Custom order, just because people have money doesn’t mean they have taste! (I personally think this is one of the ugliest instruments I’ve ever done on purpose). Gotta post the bad with the good however. Might be huge in the Chinese Lounge Act community!

  • I’d like the Chinese markings on the side to go please.

  • Chris Strough

    Brown rice or white?

  • Hey Chris,

    Do you have a web site? I would like to see some of your other work for a tattoo.


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