Ramblings on the Future of Music

Oh no! Run for the hills. No, wait. Run for the old days. The internet is ‘destroying’ traditional income streams and product sales!
People are lamenting the current state of music. Oh wait… Musicians have ALWAYS done that.

Musicians are constantly worried about monetizing their craft. As has always been done.


People love music
People love making music
People love seeing shows
The future will be a renaissance of the amateur musician – of people making music and being a part of an ensemble. This may or may not happen in person as people can conference online and play together. But it will be about the personal collaboration.

The renaissance started years ago with aspiring and amateur artists having the ability to easily fabricate songs with technology like GarageBand and its gigabytes of supplied loops. Perhaps even farther back with the drum machine and synthesizer. But is this a bad thing? I went back in time and listened to some old punk music. Music is neither good nor bad; it just is. The punk music had energy and the personal touch but wow were they out of tune!

There’s nothing inherently wrong with technology or social media. We are just in that toddler phase with it where everyone has learned how to open their new picture book – aka Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, etc. – and has to show everyone they come in contact with. Unfortunately the toddler has the ability to knock on more doors and ask more people than ever before.

Or they can easily string together loops and visually see their Verse – Chorus – Verse – Chorus – Bridge format.

It’s like the telephone and younger generation….

When I was young, you had to call someone to communicate. It was instantaneous – you either talked right away or waited for a time when you could.

Then we emailed which has the inherent lag time.

Then ‘back’ to instant messaging. There’s even the word ‘instant’ in the name.

Then we texted which allows for delay.

Now people use a combination of everything. We move from instant to delay and back. It’s all back and forth – action and reaction. Personalization. Isolation. Solo efforts. Collaboration.

Now…Who wants to jam?

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