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Here are some tips I posted on Jason Heath’s Double Bass Blog recently.

-Use a toothbrush to clean and rejuvenate bow hair. Just brush the hair, then play.

-Rosin dries out, so get a new cake of rosin at least once a year. I have found that the freshness of rosin is more important than the brand. In the meantime, cut or scrape off the top of the rosin to get at the fresher stuff!

-In my public school teaching, I use car pinstriping to mark first and third positions on the bass. I also use a couple drops of white-out on the bows to mark beginning and ending of bow strokes.

-On my bass, I use nail polish to mark a few spots in thumb position. It’s a dark brown, so the audience can barely see it but easy for me to see. It doesn’t hurt the fingerboard, stays on, can be easily removed, and is cheap!

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