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Where do I start?

Have an instrument in good playing condition. Talk to your teacher if there is a problem.

Take you instrument home.

Open the case.

Sometimes just hanging out with your instrument is a good thing – watch tv and hold / play around with it.

Start small and take baby steps – go for 1 minute!! Really!

Hold your bow without the instrument and do bowing exercises.

What counts as practice?

If your brain is involved it’s practice. Writing in counting, air bowing, clapping, finger exercises – even without sound it counts as practice!

Remember – the most difficult part of practicing is opening your case!


Advance Tips

Record yourself often – both audio and video. I recommend the Tascam DR-1 and Kodak ZX1.


You must involve your brain!
Know your outcome.
See the result.
Plan. Pre-plan. Plan some more.
Don’t be a robot.
Look into it.
Enjoy it.
Change something.
Think about it. Really think. Change. Make it real. Make it happen. Choreograph it.
With thoughtful though in play, TAKE ACTION!
Just do it!

I’ve also discovered that sometimes fixing something just involves doing it. Just doing it or fixing it. This is not to discount the need for repetition. We learn by repetition and rote. However, blind and mindless repetition is useless.


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