Practice Stagnation

So lately my practicing has been in a state of stagnation. I’m still practicing but it’s a bit of a chore. But one must press on so I decided to change some things.

I firmly believe in a practice area – a place where you have all your materials and where your brain learns that ok, it’s time to practice. But after many years My zone was a little moldy, but I didn’t want to rearrange my entire apartment. So I just turned in 45 degrees. Ah! A fresh view; a new perspective. Not bad!

Now onto scales. I know my scales well. Really well. I needed a new approach so I found excerpts that are scalar – such as Marriage of Figaro and the end of Young Person’s Guide… I can do my scales with actual music – refreshing!

I also had some sections that needed some good ol’ brute force repetition and finger strengthening. So I turned on the television while I did it. And voila, rather than my brain wasting away after 30 seconds, 5 or 1o minutes went by well I did my repetitions.

Now – OF COURSE – I don’t recommend this to younger and developing students. However, for some us that have been playing a while and need some rejuvenation it can be just what we need.

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