Pen Quiver

I love technology (and my iPhone) but sometimes there’s no substitute for pen and paper. I use and recommend Moleskine brand journals – they are high quality and aesthetically wonderful. But what about your pen? Enter the Quiver from I discovered these on Facebook and had to buy some for my journals. I received mine the next day after ordering – it turns out they happen to be a few towns over from me.

I was pleased right away with my purchases. I bought 2, one for each size of my journals.

They have brown and black and you can buy single or double pen holders. I bought 2 brown, single pen holders.

The leather is very nice and it fits securely onto my journals with the stitched elastic. The pen fits just snug enough where it isn’t going anywhere but can be removed fairly easily. The stitching appears of a good quality but only time will tell how well it holds up. My guess is it will be fine.

I was worried about opening my journal on a flat surface but after getting the fit right this does work – of course not as well as with it not on the journal.

The bottom line is they look great and function just as well. They are just as the website portrays them and I highly recommend the Quiver.

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