Pedal Fastener from StageTrix Products

From StageTrix website:

The Pedal Fastener is a hook fastener designed specifically for attaching 


pedals to pedalboards. It features industrial strength adhesive optimized to stick to the rubber on the back of most pedals and hold fast up to 200 degrees Fahrenheit (93 degrees Celsius).
The optionally removable center preserves the 

specification sticker. Now players can move beyond over-sized rolls of low-quality generic fastener and attach pedals the professional way.

  • Optionally removable center area keeps pedals clean by preserving specification sticker
  • Economical 3-pack lets you attach your new pedals and replace lower quality fasteners on existing pedals
  • Use two for double size pedals
  • Dimensions are 2.25″ × 4.375″ (5.7 cm x 11.1 cm)”

This allows you to avoid this:4543516_orig

My Take:
This is a beautifully simplistic concept. I have had many pedals where the velcro either took the label off or couldn’t make a firm seal. The design of the Pedal Fastener is perfectly executed with a velcro border and removable center to fit several pedal styles. The center can be cout out to avoid covering the label. The adhesive feels stronger than standard velcro.

I tried them on three different size pedals – an MXR M87, a 1590a size pedal from [sfx] sound, and a Tech21 VT Bass. The standard size MXR can use any part of the velcro. The small pedal worked perfectly with the center cut out. And the larger VT Bass would work well with two center cut-outs.

Highly recommended.

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