New Speaker Cabinet – Greenboy Designed

I have to share with you all my new speaker cabinet. It’s a Greenboy design, Bassic15 model, built by Don Barry. The Greenboy authorized builders do each one to order and there are many variations to choose from.

My specifications:

FaitalPro 15PR400  8ohm speakerPT2
Okoume wood
Black duratex
Natural wood bafflle
Circular grill
Recessed handles on both the sides and top

The cabinet came in at 32lbs and with the handle on top it’s an easy carry.

The sound? Unreal! Wow. Just wow! Super clear. LOUD – the speaker is very sensitive so  you watts go a long way. It has amazing low end and beautiful highs. I’m not a fan of tweeters and this cabinet doesn’t need one.

The craftsmanship is superb.

I had never played through any Greenboy designed cabinets and took the leap of faith after being disappointed with too many other cabinets. I had been on the search for a new cabinet since last fall. I took my time, did research, and played through a lot of cabinets. The only other cabinet that competed was the amazing Big E speaker cabinets by local Chicagoan, Mike Arnopol. Those are right up there as well.

This cabinet IS IT!! Now I see why the Greenboy / fEARful people talk the way they do!

I own a Carvin BX500 head and a MarkBass Jeff Berlin combo. It sounds really, REALLY good with the Carvin. I tried it with my MarkBass Jeff Berlin combo which I have really liked. Using the MarkBass head with the Bassic – the Bassic could handle it dimed… But it didn’t sound as good as the Carvin. The MarkBass sounded lifeless and doesn’t enough enough high end.

The Carvin sounds so good through it I haven’t been using my Tech21 VT pedal.

Even though both amps are rated at 300w @ 8ohms, the Carvin seemed much louder.

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