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An announcement from PRObass Music (

PRObass Music (PRObass Musikverlag) recently published some interesting music for doublebass/doublebasses:

– Th. A. Findeisen: “Quartettsuite für 4 Celli oder 4 Kontrabässe” (quartett suite for 4 celli or 4 double basses)
This, finally, again available(obtainable) work is a highlight in musicallity, but also in virtuosity. Findeisen is here unusual kontrapunktal polyphonic without denying his romantic roots. The first mouvement (Adagio) is a serious, almost quite baroque seeming meditation. The following menuet is cheerful and is followed by an again serious and strictly polyphonic held mouvement (andante moderato) in which the first bass must master extremely high positions. The last mouvement (humoreske) however is witty and elegant again

– Edie W. Cane: “Oliog”
This cheerful piece is rather unconventional in its form: There is a 5 bars long theme and a 10 bars long part whose chords are based on the main notes of the theme. The edition contain a voice in C, in Bb, in Eb and one in the bass clef.

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