More Flames

More pictures courtesy of C&D Custom Designs, available on the web through, CA based company, but MD built basses…


  • If I was going to get flames…don’t they go with a custom paint job on a sports car?…a cheap sports car…a wanna be sports car?
    Other than that I’m in the dark on this one. …flames..hmmm.

  • Chris Strough (C&D Custom Designs)

    Ahh, a wanna be sports car like a supercharged Nova? Or a wanna be chopped and channeled Mercury?

    Just a different view of the same thing… my basses are set-up and painted per customer order, mostly rockabilly or psychobilly bands (see Reverend Horton Heat, Southern Culture on the Skids). I doubt that any of them will EVER meet a bow, and the only 16th notes to come out of them are from a double-slap.

    I don’t think I’d ever really want to see one on an orchestral stage, as I am also a student of classical music, but in the bright lights and flying panties world of live performance they find their niche.

    Personaly, being a furniture finisher by trade, I would rather see a beautifuly book-matched tiger maple in a deep golden finish, but these guys want what they want.

    I’m also available for Fiero’s… 😉

  • Thanks for the eloquent reply, Chris!

  • Chris Strough (C&D Custom Designs)

    I’m actually thinking of velvet coating one, and painting the Last Supper on the back (replacing the disciples with the 3 Stooges, Dog’s Playing Poker, Marilyn Monroe as Mary Magdelane, a clown, and Elvis as Jesus.

    Any taker’s on that one? (Have to figure out where the white tiger fits in though).

  • I’ll pray for you.

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