Mini Reviews – Wiedoeft Rosin & String Emporium Bass Wheel

I recently got two new bass accessories: Wiedoeft Bass Rosin and the String Emporium Bass Wheel.

I have to say I’m really impressed with the bass wheel! At only $65 it is very competitively priced for a bass wheel. I used it yesterday and it functioned exceptionally well. The endpin rod as two flat sides so you can have the wheel tightened at either alignment. It rolls smoothly and the wheel is firm yet has enough spring to it.

Just be sure to the tighten the two nuts before using.



I’m always a bit skeptical of new bass rosins. I always have my favorite Nyman on hand  (Carlsson is great as well) as well as some Pops and some cello rosin like Pirasto Evah / Oliv to use for solo work. Rosin is a tricky item to review. I feel every new rosin feels great at first because it’s new and novel.


Wiedoeft is very soft. I put my usual 3 swipes on and it was way to much. After playing a bit and wiping the excess ( a lot! ) off the strings it played and sounded great. Higher notes didn’t have the usual sandy gritty sound and the lower notes popped right out. This is after playing a bit and wiping off the strings a few times – but it still had plenty of bite.

Use it sparingly and give it some playing before judging. Spiccato become a bit easier and it has an almost woody tone to it. Granted it’s only day one with it but so far I really like it.

The unique silicone package is interesting. I’m curious to see how I’ll like after a while. I’ve always like the simple metal wrapping of Nyman. I never cared for the paper around Pops.

I was playing a Bach cello suite with it and I really like how smooth it sounds in the upper register and with double stops but also how easily it would grab the lower notes. Impressive!

A little pricey at $28 but definitely worth checking out!

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