Jingle Bells for String Orchestra


Jingle Bells
Jingle Bells
Another easy holiday arrangement for your budding string orchestra. I've put together this arrangement of Jingle Bells to have a unique flavor while requiring minimal rehearsal time.

The entire piece is in first position and the key of D with one accidental (E string G#) in the first violin. Violin II and violas do use the G string, but C# is used sparingly.

Violins and violas have similar parts with a few note variations to fill out chords. Although the harmonies are thinner, the unisons create confidence as well as giving the violas the melody. Melodic and rhythmic motion is generally in two parts between upper and lower strings. However I arranged the middle section as a medley with violins playing the chorus melody and violas / cellos playing the verse melody. The basses continue to pluck a simple walking bass line. Basses are pizzicato throughout with some fingerboard slaps (notated with an X). Having half the cellos or basses play arco would also be a great sound.

Click image for score sample.
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