Interview with Jason Mendelson of Part II of III

Interview with Jason Mendelson of Part II of III

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What instrument and gear do you use?

1996 Ken Smith BMT 6 Elite G Fretted – Ken Smith Light Custom Balanced

Taper Core strings 1998 Ken Smith BSR 6 Elite G Fretless – Thomastik-Infeld Jazz

Flatwounds (Sometimes use Ken Smith Compressors or DR Hi-Beams) (original owner of both)

1963 Fender Precision (All Original Fretted) – La Bella 1954 Originals (aka Jamersons)

2008 Fender Custom Shop Jaco Relic Fretless – GHS Boomers or Rotosound Swing Bass 66’s (Stainless)

Warmoth Parts Bass, both Fretless and Fretted necks.

Gerald Jaeger early 1900’s double bass w/ Low-C extension

I am between rigs right now… Will be going with Aguilar, well…

I am a dealer for them so that makes it a little easier decision!

Pedals, I don’t use that many as I consider myself more of a fretless

player and can get many different tones out of them. But I do use an

old DOD Envelope Filter, and Chorus pedal. I have been working on

putting together a pedal board but that is up in the air…

What is your current bass?

The bass I have that gets the most play is either my 1963 Precision

Bass or 1998 Fretless Ken Smith BSR6EG.

How long have you owned this instrument?

The 1963 Precision I found in 2011.

The 1998 Ken Smith BSR6EG I got new.

Is it your “dream bass”? If not, what is?

The Ken Smiths were my dream basses and I am so lucky to have them!

The Fretted was the result of saving every penny from gigs when I was

younger but the 1998 Fretless was a graduation / scholarship

congratulations gift from my family. I couldn’t ask for a more

versatile instrument! I still dream of a Fodera, Carl Thompson or a

Pre-CBS Jazz. I am very happy with what I have though…


What instruments do you recommend for beginners?

The most important thing is that the instrument gives the player the

desire to play it! Get what ever YOU like and that you can afford.

Don’t be afraid to ask a more experienced player to help you find used

instrument either! I would not advise a new player to buy a used

instrument without having someone they trust check it out first.


Any string recommendations?

This can go on and on! Strings for beginners? I always used stainless steel. If you can play without much finger noise on stainless you can play even more forgiving on nickel strings. Its good to build calluses so I would say start with rounds, but if you really are having a hard time with finger tip pain, explore other options like pressure wounds or flatwounds. Don’t want anything discouraging a new player!

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