It’s never too late or to soon…
As a music teacher, I’ve had students of all ages. One inspiring tale happened one summer by chance. I was teaching at a summer camp just north of the beautiful Adirondack Mountains in northern New York state. What a fantastic place! Anyway, I was walking through a hall of practice rooms on the way to my office when I heard a bassist practicing. It didn’t really sound like my students but I thought I check in the person anyway, so I knock. We were both a little surprised as it wasn’t my student and neither of us knew who this stranger was! I introduced myself and told her that I was teaching bass for this camp. The woman got very excited and told me how she’d been looking for a bass teacher to get a lesson with! You may not know this, but upstate New York does not attract many bassists. In fact, where I first taught in Northern New York, I think I was the only bassist for 3 counties!
OK, so this woman tells me she is a writer and does some freelance work in the area. At the age of 60 she decided to take up the double bass! Good for her! She says that just started and really enjoys playing the bass, and besides, “I probably have another 30 years of bass playing in me!” Wow, I was floored. One can get pretty good with 30 years of practice. She was so excited to be playing the bass that I felt energized just being around her.