Putting on a Case

Here’s a video on putting a case on the instrument. I have seen many younger students struggle with this task.


Putting on a case






  • It is amazing how helpful this is! My son had a soft bag like that for his bass when he got it, but I think it was pretty cheap and quickly wore out. He, too, struggled with getting it on and off. It was quite an ordeal!

    Recently, we got him a lightweight and not-so-terribly-expensive case that is more rigid. He really likes it, but I am sure there will be times where he still uses the old bag (we patched it up and are keeping it “just in case.” I’m going to have him watch this video. Thanks!

  • Great! That’s so nice to hear!

  • Who is this guy in the video?
    Was it taken in a prison?
    The guy in the video looks like a prison guard.
    Oh Jeeze! I’m all of the sudden scared!!
    Oh my God! Uh, Uh, Great Video!!!!!

  • Nice video Peter, I also teach my students how to put on, take off the bag. The big advice I always give is to always do this job by yourself. If someone comes up to assist, confusion may set in as to who has control of the instrument and it could fall. The student politely must say: “No thank you, but can you please hold my coat? I must do this myself so we don’t accidentally drop the bass.”

  • Excellent advice!

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