What about a case?

Q. So…my question is (I didn’t see anything about this on your blog, forgive me if I overlooked it)…do we need to get a hardshell case? We have one of the padded nylon gig bags and it is great, but this winter (unlike last winter), we’ll be taking this thing out at least once a week and I’d rather it be protected as much as possible. Ohio winters can be rugged! Maybe the gig bag is okay? Maybe not? Your opinion will be very helpful.

A. This is a great question and I will add it to my blog… But a bag is fine. A hard shell case is just too massive and only used for flights. As far as bags, Cushy and Mooradian are my favorite brands – they have lots of padding, pockets, handles and are made of strong nylon that handles weather just fine. Moving the bass once a week is not a big deal – I have some friends that move theirs a few times a day. The bigger issue is just being careful with it in general. And a little tip I found – be careful when putting the case on so the zipper doesn’t scratch the scroll.

Also check out this article by Jason Heath.


  • Good point on the protection of the scroll. I actually find that a Crown Royal bag works well as added protection… (Leave it to a rock musician to use alcohol as a solution!).

    It also seems to keep the dust out of the machine heads pretty well too!

  • Great tip!! I hadn’t thought of that!

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