Flatwound Strings

Hey readers! I’m home recovering from foot surgery and can only play my bass guitar…. So I decided to experiment with flatwound strings – something I haven’t played on since high school. I was looking for a rounder thicker sound for my electric bass. I left the low B string a regular roundwound to keep the definition on the low and replaced the top 4 strings with Fender Medium Flatwounds. Initial reactions:

-Definitely less volume than roundwounds
-Less sustain
-They have a very old school reggae sound

I’m still undecided if I like them or not but of course I’ll give them a week or two to see.

Thoughts on strings? Let me know!

One comment

  • I’ve found that the flat-wounds give me a rounder, more even sound. But then again, I’m not a TRUE bass player, so I take every shortcut that I can find.
    I don’t think that any self-respecting player would choose round-wounds for his actual playing. For “lounge-gigging” maybe, but not to show off any actual skill.

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