Donate Your Used Strings

Instead of throwing away your used strings, donate them to a great cause!

Check out

From their website:

Do you have used or new strings that are lying around and doing nothing? Instead of trashing your old strings, you can join our growing list of string donors that include myself, Liam Wilson of Dillinger Escape Plan, and James Valentine of Maroon 5, and donate your used strings to us so we can get them to underprivileged kids, aspiring musicians, and pros who live in countries like Cuba where strings just aren’t available.

AND REMEMBER: If you’d like to be added to our donor wall then we’d be happy to add your photo and link to your website/social media. Just drop us an email via the contact form and we’ll get you up on the wall if you’re donating or helping out. And feel free to drop us an email anyway, and let us know that strings are on the way. It’s always nice to be in touch!

If you’re in the UK you can now send them directly to our central donation center care of Steven Taylor at ADO Media:
ADO Media
12 Chestergate
SK11 6BA
United Kingdom

And if you’re outside the UK please send them to:

Gwizmon Media
P.O. Box 2484
Los Angeles
CA 90078

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