Dean Markley Turbo Tune

I bought this Turbo Tune from Bob Gollihur’s store. It’s a great accessory! Save your wrists and change string very quickly.


  • I’ve got the same thing. It works great. Bob is a great guy.

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  • I bought one of these as well. It’s great.

  • I guess I like to repeat myself. I guess I like to repeat myself.

  • I wanted to like this string winder. On the plus side it fits a lot of tuners and doesn’t get in the way of the ones next to it. The huge issue is that the winding handle is fastened on the what is basically a big wood screw with no shoulder for it to tighten up on. What happens is: Turn it clockwise and it undoes itself, turn it counter clockwise and it locks up – Duhhh. I haven’t come across a device that was this engineeringly dumb that was made since the 1920s. What were they thinking? If I can glue the screw in and the handle still turns I think I will de happy with it. The drill part is great but it’s not their idea.

  • Hmmm…. I don’t use the plastic hand crank with it. I always use it with a drill and haven’t had any issues. Do you have another string winder you recommend?

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