Checklist First Draft

Lately I’ve been reading The Checklist Manifesto: How to Get Things Right. I’m working on a simple, yet effective practice checklist. Here’s the first draft:

Pre-Flight In-Flight Post-Flight
Have your supplies and materials.
tuner, etc)

Prepare to play.
(rosin,tune,oil etc.)

Eliminate distractions

Clear your mind

WARMUP – clear your mind and play slow easy warmups. Use a warmup that relates to your playing and repertoire.

Finger position?

PLAN – Pick a small section

OUTCOME – Decide on the results

PLAY – Observe results

SOLVE – Create a course of action or correction


EVALUATE – was the mission accomplished Are there new skills that need acquiring? Put these into future warmups.

DECIDE if material was learned well enough or if it needs to be a part of next session

CHOOSE music for next session

CLEAN instrument

SMILE – you just practiced!


  • Hi Peter, I think you’ve got all the right elements in there which is good to see. I’m not quite sure of order or placement though.

    For instance should warm-up perhaps be in In-Flight (depends on definition and what you do in warm-up). Moving it to In-flight might make it a more active process rather than simply going through the motions?

    Also perhaps Evaluate needs to go to Post-flight? With ‘Observe Results’ becoming a more prominent feature of In-Flight?

    Just some thoughts – everyone will have a different plan. Even having a plan is better than 80% of people! 🙂

  • Great comments!! here’s draft 2…

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