Carbon Endpin

I just bought a carbon fiber endpin shaft from Bob’s House of Basses. (Just the endpin – not the collar and assembly.) I love it! Yes, it will have to be replaced every so often since my standard Goetz collar screws slightly into the shaft but I can see it lasting years. I’m impressed with the sound difference – I didn’t think it would make such a difference. The bass definitely seems to vibrate more. Or I could just be crazy. Either way, I’m very happy with this little modification.

One comment

  • I also have a carbon fiber endpin. when I first got it it was a major step up in the right direction from what I had, a metal hollow one that was bending from the weight of my bass. After a few months of having it the tip of it broke off. I got mine from KC Strings. I mailed it in and with in a week or so I got a new one free of charge. I guess they sell them by dropping them on pavement to show how durable they are.
    Any who, I love my endpin and I’m sure that you’ll also enjoy yours.

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