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I attended the Crane School of Music for my undergraduate degree where I studied bass with Richard Stephan. Mr. Stephan was a great teacher and one of my inspiring mentors. When he retired he gave me many documents and music from his archives.

One of the documents was written by Chester Minkler of Arcade, NY. Mr. Minkler studied with Ludwig Juht, principal bass of the Boston Symphony in the 1930s.

Here are the PDFs of that document – it is a treatise on bass fundamentals. It seems to be similar to the concept of my book – just from 80 years ago! (Notice how he writes of an extension costing $100!).


Page 1

Page 2

Page 3


Also, if anyone types these up for me, I’d give them a copy of my book (pdf) as well as any arrangements / music from my library.



  • Thank you for making this article available. Chester Minkler was my father, and studied with Juht at Boston University in the 30’s. I have most of his personal papers, but didn’t know about this one.

  • Thanks for posting and visiting my site – I’m glad you found these papers!

  • I like the part where he says you shouldn’t loosen your strings between gigs. I’m Just sayin’!!!!!!!

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