Another Quick Audition Story

When I was 16 I was playing in the school jazz band. Most of us in the band had decided to audition for the area all-state jazz band; an audition only group comprising players of the surrounding  counties.

I had my electric bass and my prepared music with me. We got on the bus and all were in great anticipation!

We arrived about an hour later and immediately started to look and listen for the competition. Lots of trumpets. Too many saxes too count. Several flutes. Yep, there are the drummers trying to out ‘rudiment’ each other. Several confused trombone players – some trying to play as low as possible, some trying to play as high as possible.

I kept looking. Where are the bass players? I looked for uprights and electric players but I didn’t see any. Hmmm. I’m sure some will be here soon.

I found my self a place to warmup and started some scales to loosen up. I worked on my walking, my solos, and a little bit of funk just in case.

The time for the audition approached and still no other bassists.

Tick…tick…tick… It was time and I still the only bass player. Yep! I’m the only bass player that showed up! I still audition of course but do I tell people I got the gig, or that I was the only one that auditioned? That’s still a tough question to answer.

But, Denis DiBlasio and Dave Mancini were the guest clinicians and I  had an amazing experience!

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