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I’m currently interviewing Jason Mendelson, founder of Bass Strings Online. I don’t do
advertising on my site so any banners you see are for products or businesses I buy from or think are worthwhile. Right now that list is only Bass Strings Online and Nozbe task / project management software. I’m a customer of Bass Strings Online. The prices are incredible, the shipping is VERY quick, and they have the best customer service I’ve ever dealt with. They have pretty much every electric bass string made and although their list of upright strings is short, I have been told he has most upright strings and can get any one you like.

Bass Strings Online was built by Jason Mendelson, a Bass Player, who has been
performing since he was 14 years old.  Jason’s goal is to get  the best bass strings, parts, and accessories for you and your instruments.  Jason and Bass Strings Online takes enormous pride in offering top quality products.

Jason Mendelson has a long history as a bass player.  His formal musical education career began at the prestigious New World School of the Arts. a performing arts High School in Miami Florida where he was the Jazz bassist in the Big Band and  the school’s various Jazz Combo’s. The Jazz Combos played at school board functions, for President Clinton and other school events.  Throughout his high school years Jason arranged gigs in restaurants and at private functions with  various Jazz players from Miami Florida.  During that time Jason also played in the rock group “Estrangement” and released two CD’s and a music video.  Jason was the Bass Player for  the Grammy in the Schools program’s  regional Jazz Band.  He was fortunate enough to be selected to play in the National Grammy High School Jazz Band and was flown to New York City to perform at the 1997 Grammy Awards.  While in New York the Grammy High School Jazz Band recorded an album.  In 1998, Jason was recognized as Best Out-Standing Performer & Jazz Soloist in Performing Arts High Schools by Downbeat Magazine as well as being a NFAA/ARTS Jazz Performance Awardee.

After High School, Jason had a tough decision as to where to attend college after receiving  scholarship offers from various colleges around the country.  He decided to attend Berklee College of Music in Boston Massachusetts. While at Berklee he changed his major to Music Synthesis and this took his musical career in many different directions.  He did music for Video Games, Twix Commercials, and Dance Music for Drum N’ Bass and Break Beat artists on his own record label as well as other labels.  He also took some time off of school at Berklee to work on a side project with a Slipknot Guitarist where he co-wrote and played bass on Vanilla Ice’s Bi-Polar album.

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