A Technology Filled Lesson

This evening I taught a lesson to student preparing for an audition.

I wanted to be able to hand him a ‘dry run’ DVD of his playing for him to evaluate  before we film the actual audition.

So I had my digital video recorder setup. First we taped his scales and excerpts. While he warmed up on the etude I imported the from files from the SD card in iMovie on my MacBook Pro. We then filmed his excerpt, etude and concerto. While the computer imported those files I used my four-track to play the accompaniment to his concerto through a setup of monitor speakers so we could work on rhythm.

We continued to work with the accompaniment while I burned a DVD of the lesson recordings and was able to hand him the DVD at the end of the lesson!

Ahhh – solid use of technology as a real tool rather than just for its own sake.

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  • Now, if you would immediately upload these videos to YouTube under a “Peter Tambroni, Esq.” label you’d be doing something… ;-p

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