A Note To Parents

First, thank you for supporting the arts and your daughter / son’s musical education! There are many benefits to this, which have been documented in many sources.

Now, what can you as a parent do to help your child on their musical path? Plenty. But first let me say that I advocate a holistic education.  I believe in a well-rounded education. I don’t mean that a student can’t have a favorite subject but overdoing any one thing can be detrimental. That being said, it doesn’t necessarily do a student, or person, any good to be a jack-of-all trades and a master of none. Some area should be focused on. A balance must be found. I have had students in high school take all advanced, or AP, classes only to be stressed out and struggling with all of them. This did not help the student learn or get into college – which is why the student thought they should take advanced classes in the first place.

I believe it would be better to take one or two advanced classes in the areas that interest the student and take ‘regular’ other classes. This will also allow for practice time for orchestra and private lessons.

Be supportive.
Go to their concerts.
Talk to their teacher.
Ask your child about their lessons, concerts, etc.
Be positive about driving your child to concerts, don’t seem like it is the         last thing you want to do, even if it is. 🙂
Support and encourage their practicing.
Attend professional concerts with your child(ren).
Little gifts such as rosin or a new CD can be a huge motivator.
Sometimes it is helpful to attend their private lesson with the student. It is also beneficial to leave the student and teacher alone sometimes as both can be a but more honest without a parent there.

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