A Better Pencil

This is a re-post from March but I find myself using these pencils so often it’s worth repeating. I own about 6 of them and keep around my apartment and at the different schools I teach at.

Us musicians are always using pencils and I’ve seen a number of people look for pencils with softer leads to make marking (and erasing) easier.

Several years ago I discovered drafting / architectural lead holders. Then you can purchase a variety of lead density. They are sharpened either with the cap or with a lead pointer.


  • Chris Strough (C&D Custom Designs)

    Cheaper option: a “Carpenter’s Pencil”. Available at Depot or Lowes, varying lead hardness.

    Pro’s: CHEAP!!! (Some hardware stores GIVE them away as advertisement) Plus the profile is Flat (to keep them from rolling off roofs, so you know they won’t roll off the stand).

    Con’s: Require a different sharpener (also cheap though) and a separate eraser…

  • Hmm.. Didn’t know they came in varying lead hardness. Thanks for the tip!

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