20 Things Chicago will miss about Jason Heath

Jason is good friend of mine. We’ve played together in many orchestras over the years and he student taught with me when he was getting his education degree. He’s moving out to California and he did wrote What I’ll Miss About Chicago on his blog. So I just had to write a response post!

Feel free to add yours in the comments.

1. Parts of his melted car are still on the highway.

2. We know the people he blogged about.

3. He always finds the bright side.

4. His positive energy.

5. Even the Chicago wind doesn’t mess the hair.

6. He made every gig better both for the audience and the section.

7. If you were even remotely related to bass playing he would track you down for an interview!

8. He knows the best beer spots.

9. The hand gestures.

10. The low B extension.

11. Having a bad gig? Cheer up – he’s had worse!

12. You never know where in Chicago he’ll show up.

13. We love betting on whether his car will explode.

14. Cats in a stroller.

15. Does anyone do better hand and facial gestures than Jason?

16. He’s improved the lives of thousands of students.

17. He’s increased the bass community while reducing musical and geographic distances.

18. We’ve met many new bassists!



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  • Thank you so much, Pete! I just logged in to find a sheet you were mentioning while editing our latest podcast and found this. Much appreciated! I’m sharing it on Facebook right now!

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