The String Emporium

from the String Emporium:

My name is Steve Koscica and I own and operate a web site dedicated to the upright bass.  While we do sell cellos and cello strings (and cases), our specialty and dedication to the upright bass is unrivaled.  We’re one of the biggest bass dealers in the world!  Personally, I have been a professional orchestral bassist for more than 25 years.

We offer everything from smaller fractional upright (student) basses, plus basses in every possible price range, all the way up and past the $100k range.  We sell our bass strings at the lowest prices in the world as well as just about every possible accessory.   On our website, there are tons of informative articles about choosing the right kind of bass strings (can be confusing for a lot of people) and there are other informative articles about the different types and makes of basses.

Also check out their sites for all orchestra strings:


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