Professional Organizations

What are your thoughts on professional organizations such as MENC, ISB, ASTA, IAJE, etc?

Personally, I feel ASTA and ISB have turned into just an advertisement for their annual or bi-annual conference or a review and pictures of their previous conference. I do subscribe to The Strad since every issue is full of great articles and information. 

Am I / you as a reader / member getting worthwhile benefits? If so, what? Are they worth it? Most are around $100 for quarterly journals. Is this a good ‘bang to buck’ ratio?
Maybe the ‘scholarly’ journals should look at a different business model – such as popular magazines.

Some musings:


Supporting large organization that can promote the arts and change.
Connections and networking
Have conferences
Lobby for our cause


Lots of ‘fluff’ in journal
Expensive for only 3 or 4 journals per year
Lack of useful articles
Lack of diverse articles
Can be just an outlet for self promotion

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