Pre-Practice Tips

Rather than focusing on recording practice time in a log, consider a pre-practice log. A sort of pre-flight checklist.

  • What is the plan for the session?
  • What spots will you work on?
  • What is the outcome?
  • How long will  you practice for?
  • When  you will take a break?
  • How long will your break be?

Be specific!!


  • Good tip! Making a plan before you start will be infinitely more beneficial than keeping a track of minutes when you’ve finished.

    I’ve never understood the pre-occupation with time done – or who can do the most minutes – Meaningless!

    We musicians should start to take pride in what we achieved in each session and boast about that.

  • Thanks! I’ve been reading The Checklist Manifesto – a great read, check it out –

  • I’m actually more faithful to this “pre-flight” idea in general. I set what I want to do, and complete that before walking away…

    There are plenty of instances that I’ve spent ridiculous amounts of time on something, and yet not taken anything away from the rehearsal… but also have had something “click” almost instantly, negating the need for extensive practice…

    In that case, my practice log would reflect a huge amount of effort (which should mean I learned a lot, right?) for one, but not the other, and may cause me to incorrectly infer which time was more beneficial…

    I’d much rather impress people with my playing skills than with a chart saying that I have no life outside of practice…

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