Practice Logging Programs

What programs do you use to track your practicing? I currently use myLogger on my iPhone.

Some questions to ask:

Do I want to record time and get info such as averages?
Yes, then The Daily Tracker works well.
Also try myLogger.


No, I just want to see patterns.
Then try TouchGoal.


Yes but I don’t need the ‘extra math’ done for me.
Then try setting up another calendar in iCal or your calendar of choice.


Want a paper solution?
Try The Musician’s Practice Planner


Want a digital solution similar to paper?
Try Awesome Note


  • Anxiously awaiting some replies on this one. We are a family of budding young musicians (one of which is a bass player) and I would love something like this for everyone to use.

    I’m old enough that I grew up practicing with just the notebook my teacher used to write my lessons down in, as a place to jot practice time. No computers then. 🙂

  • I just started using myLogger and really like it for practice tracking. For tracking other aspects and habits The Daily Tracker and HabitCheck are invaluable.

  • Are there any that are *not* iPhone apps? 🙂

  • I realized that my list is iPhone heavy. I’ve tried many things – I used to use a Palm. I’ve tried using a spreadsheet. Over the past few years I’ve wavered between my current PDA device (now an iPhone) and paper – teacher lesson plan books are great since they are large grids and you can use a box per day.

    I stopped using Excel because I don’t necessarily practice next to my computer and I like to enter my info immediately. But Excel or Numbers can easily be setup for this. You may also want to look into MacJournal or WinJournal by Mariner Software.

    So, currently I use paper to plan my practicing and iPhone apps so I can chart progress and see averages and such.

  • In my day we didn’t have notebooks…We used chalk and a piece of black board. Every Christman we got a new piece of chalk…if we were good. You kids!!!

  • And before that, Dragonetti would light candle and the time it took to burn was his practice session.

  • Have you considered an online trackers such as :

  • As an adjunct, check out

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