Marvin Tailpiece Day 2 (2009)

I am never going back to a regular tailpiece! My excerpts are so much easier thanks to the more even response – think of the Ginastera excerpt…I no longer have to finesse and coax certain notes. Figaro Overture is a breeze now. I realize your mileage may vary but this is exactly what my bass needed!

I feel my bass now plays and sounds like an instrument twice its value. I’ve had new bridges, the top re-graduated, soundpost adjusted, bought new bows… This tailpiece should be the first thing you try when searching for a new sound.

And – full disclosure – I paid full price for mine and have no affiliation with Marvin USA. As a matter of fact I’m still waiting for a response to an email I sent. UPDATE 12/20/09 – Kevin Marvin responded to all my emails (he was away) and has been really great answering all my questions. This tailpiece RULES!!

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