Day 2 With the Tascam DP-008

After owning both the DP-004 and the DP-008 there is no contest. All the complaints I had about the DP-004 are fixed in the DP-008 such as:

-Backlit display
-Easy access to the SD card
-XLR inputs
-Reverb (and good ones by the way) for each track
-EQ for each track
-More cut and paste options for tracks
-More dedicated buttons such as for the metronome and tuner
-Auto punch in and out
-Footswitch input for punch in / out

This is an awesome piece of equipment! If you’re just looking for instant feedback and playing along with practice tracks the DP-004 is fine. But if you want to do anything more, then go for the DP-008. I got mine for $214 from a store on eBay named Unique Squared.

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