Day 1 with the new D’Addario Zyex

Today I put on a G, D and A string of D’Addario’s new Zyex string. As I was unpacking them I was a little worried as the string felt a little stiff when it was wrapped in the usual circular manner.

Wow was I wrong. My initial playing showed me a great new string! It feels a little higher in tension than my Obligato strings. This is not a bad thing as string tension is a personal issue and has many factors contributing to it. I found the string to be warm right out of the package! They speak very quickly and have a powerful sound. They eclipsed my low C Spirocore without sounding edgy! When I tried just the G string, it blended well with the D and A Obligatos.

The pizzicato is very similar to the Obligatos. I was impressed! The pizz rang perfectly without lasting too long like a pizz or jazz string. Even pizzicatos in the upper register have a nice clarity and ring.

Their quick response mean spiccato is easy to do with each note easily heard.

D’Addario sent me this information about their construction:

“Zyex bass strings use a synthetic Zyex core that provides gut-like rich and complex tone, combined with power and clarity for both pizzicato and bowing. Pitch stability is excellent after minimal break-in time. A thicker string diameter and an overall lower tension make this set ideal for baroque, jazz and free styles.

Zyex bass strings were developed primarily to offer outstanding pizzicato attacks and sustain, as well as superb bowing response.”

I have to agree. The string diameter does feel ‘a hair’ thicker. Again, this is not a bad thing. The strings are lower tension than most strings and they are right on in all other respects.

I will be receiving an extended low E string soon to try on my extension but so far these strings are really great. The warm tone and quick response make them a winner.

More later after I play on them some more. In the meantime I have an offer to my readers! I can’t use the E string so I’ll send it to the first person to email me!!!


  • Hi,
    Thanks for the review. I have been checking out these strings. Do you still have the E string?

    Best Wishes,

  • I do have have the E!

  • Hi,
    I do appreciate this review. It’s hard to find any real world feedback with theses new strings. Just in case Joe didn’t take the string, I am interested.

  • I do have the E string. Just send me an email with your info to tambroni AT gmail DOT com

  • lovelychihuahua

    Hey I’m wondering what you thought of these strings over the past few months. Did you keep them on the instrument? I’m thinking about trying them out…


  • I’ve been very happy with them. They sound great. My only concern – and this may be my bass – is that the A string doesn’t seem to speak as well as it did. But I highly recommend these strings – especially if you’re looking for something similar to obligatos but with s slightly higher string tension.

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