D’Addario Zyex Update

After a year with my D’Addario Zyex strings I am still very happy with them. Both pizzicato and arco sound great. They speak well and the upper register sounds great.

My only negative, albeit small, is the extended E (C) string could respond a little better. In all fairness I was sent a pre-production prototype string. I will probably experiment with adding a Flat Chrome-Steel long E.

I have tried many strings in my 20+ years of playing. My favorite strings are Pirastro Obligato and now these new Zyex. These are two strings that offer both a great orchestra arco sound, a full pizziato sound, and easy to play. The Obligatos are a little easier to play on but if you are looking for a slighter higher tension string without the infamous Obligato “string roll” then I highly recommend the Zyex.

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